The Production Process


Now the fun part (don’t tell the editors I said that): production! Entering the actual production phase of video is a dynamic process that transforms creative concepts into tangible visual content. This stage, following pre-production, involves the execution of strategic plans and the coordination of various elements to bring the envisioned narrative to life. As a client, being informed about the intricacies of the production stage ensures a collaborative and fun experience that will be felt in the final product.

The production phase commences with a “kickoff call” (another clever name we didn’t think of ourselves, but like a lot) where the production team, client, and crew come together to discuss and finalize the pre-established plans. Depending on the size of the project, there might be follow-up meetings in-between the “kickoff call” and the actual production day, but the ultimate goal is perfect alignment on everything that was agreed upon during the pre-production phase.

Production Day(s):
Now, all of the planning, prepping and packing comes together on production day. Lights, camera, action! (We did come up with that one… Ha) Depending on the objective, this is when we capture interviews, b-roll, scripted actions, performances, events, and/or whatever we need to accomplish the established goal.

Directors play a pivotal role in guiding actors and the overall performance on set. During production, they collaborate with actors to achieve authentic portrayals of characters, ensuring that the narrative unfolds cohesively. This stage involves multiple takes, adjustments, and creative collaboration to capture the essence of the story.

This of course applies to more “commercial-style” productions with actors. With a more “docu-style” approach, there often times isn’t a director on-set. The “performance” when filming “docu-style” really comes by way of making sure the interviews extract all of the necessary content. This responsibility typically falls on the shoulders of the producer. Outside of the interviews, b-roll often needs some form of “direction” as well, but it is a more organic approach where we tend to ABR = always be rolling!

Despite thorough planning, unforeseen challenges will inevitably arise during production. The ability to adapt and problem-solve on the spot is crucial, and we proudly hang our hat on our wealth of experience in doing just that. Flexibility and the ability/willingness to adapt to on-set circumstances go a long way in maintaining a fun, collaborative environment. Experience comes in real handy right about now so the crew can quickly find ways to maintain a high level of quality while still capturing the necessary elements to ultimately hand over to the editor. 

Communication + Collaboration:
Effective communication and collaboration continue to be paramount during the production phase. Open dialogue between the client, production team, and all involved parties ensures that everyone is aligned with the project's objectives, fostering a creative and collaborative environment on set.


The production phase represents the culmination of meticulous planning and creative ideation, bringing the envisioned narrative to life through the lens. As our valued partner, understanding the intricacies of this stage empowers you to actively participate in the realization of your vision. We embark on this journey together, where creativity, expertise, and dedication converge to create captivating content.