Make Your Brand’s Next Event a Success with Video Production

Promoting an event requires more than just traditional marketing strategies; it demands engaging and captivating content that resonates with your target audience. 

At SplyceHouse, a video agency in St. Louis, MO, we specialize in creating videos that not only bring your event to life but also amplify its reach and impact by capturing the hearts and minds of each attendee. 

Here’s how you can effectively promote your next corporate event or brand meeting using a professional videography agency, with insights into our tried-and-true approach.

The Power of Videography for Event Promotion

Event videography is a powerful tool that can transform the way you promote your event. When a video is highly engaging, it’s easy to share and possesses the potential to go viral internally, giving your brand (and its coinciding message) significant exposure to your audience. 

Video shorts also allow you to showcase the highlights, the atmosphere and the unique aspects of your event in a way that photos and text simply cannot.

SplyceHouse Behind the Scenes: When Community Living approached us regarding their 'Fund a Need' gala video, we were ready to assist them in showcasing their mission as effectively as possible. We analyzed Community Living's approach to previous events and identified a shift from the typical video content presented during 'Fund A Need'. Historically, the videos emphasized the organization as a whole, detailing their programs and showcasing new or enhanced facilities at grand openings. Offering an external perspective and collaborating closely with their team, we proposed a concept designed to evoke the emotions tied to Community Living's impact. We saw the opportunity to craft a narrative around an individual profoundly affected by Community Living's services.

Marketing Your Event with Video

Video promotion is an essential part of your event marketing. Video advertisement leading up to your event generates buzz and anticipation. At SplyceHouse, we help you create short teaser videos to generate excitement and capture the essence of your event, giving your audience a reason to mark their calendars. We may include interviews with key event speakers, behind-the-scenes footage and highlights from past events, to give your audience a sneak peek of what to expect.

Another form of pre-promotional video is personalized video invitations. These can make your event feel exclusive and special. Use videography to announce important details about the event, such as dates, location and special guests. This adds a personal touch and can be more engaging than traditional email invites.

Leverage social media platforms to share your teaser videos and announcements. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are perfect for reaching a wide audience. Use targeted ads, keywords and hashtags to maximize visibility.

Filming Your Event to Build Anticipation

Dedicating a budget to a video production team to film during your event can help for future event promotion. It ensures that every critical moment is captured with precision, allowing you to focus on the event itself while professionals handle the videography.

Our video team at SplyceHouse can also help you capture key moments throughout the event for event recaps, open videos, interstitials and human interest stories. These videos can be shared on social media during the event to keep your audience engaged. Additionally, highlight reels showcase the most exciting parts for promotion of future events.

We’ll also help you conduct on the fly interviews with attendees, speakers and performers during the event for testimonials that capture the raw and authentic experiences of participants.

Post-Event Video Promotion

After your event, our team of creatives will develop a comprehensive recap video that summarizes the event with visual storytelling. We’ll include key highlights, interviews and audience reactions. SplyceHouse provides on-site editing so that your event recap videos are ready to play on the last day of your event. These recap videos can be easily shared on social media to show people what they missed and entice them to attend future events.

Using other footage captured during the event, we can also create extended content. This can include full-length presentations, workshops and performances that occurred during your event. Offering this content as on-demand videos on your business’ website can provide additional value to attendees and keep the event's momentum going.

Finally, you can show appreciation to attendees, sponsors and partners with personalized thank you videos. This not only strengthens relationships but also leaves a positive impression, increasing the likelihood of future participation.

"Our recap videos are designed to create excitement for those who attended and make those who did not feel like they missed out!" - Jake Huber, Creative Director of SplyceHouse

Ask the Event Video Production Experts at SplyceHouse

At SplyceHouse, we work as an extension of your event marketing and video team to make your life easier. Our goal is to become the easy button you press when you need an experienced team to bring consistency to your event, because you have more important things to do than hold our hands.

By incorporating these best practices for event video production, we can elevate your brand and event promotion to ensure that your message reaches the right audience.

Ready to make your next event unforgettable? Contact the video production team at SplyceHouse today to get started.